The N1 Nail Machine is a flexible and proficient instrument intended for the production of wire nails. With its high-level features and dependable execution, this machine has turned into a favoured decision in different enterprises.


Wire Diameter S.W.G.(mm)20-15 / (0.9-1.83)
Nail Length Inch (mm)1/4 -1.5 / (6 – 38)
Max. Nail/min500
Power Required hp/kW1.5 / 1.11
Approx. nett Weight kg.460
Approx. gross Weight kg.625
Case Size (mm)1185 x 1155 x 1125
Approx. Floor Area (mm)1100 x 755

Features and Usage of N1 Nail Machine:

Easy Operation:

The machine is intended for client comfort, with natural controls and an easy-to-use interface. Administrators can rapidly figure out how to work the machine successfully, limiting the expectation to learn and adapt and expanding efficiency.

High-Speed Production:

With a production limit of up to 500 nails each moment, the N1 Wire Nail Machine guarantees fast and proficient production. This capacity is particularly worthwhile in enterprises where enormous volumes of nails are expected inside short time periods.

Precise Nail Length:

The machine considers precise command over nail length, guaranteeing consistency and exactness in nail production. This component is especially significant in applications where precise nail aspects are pivotal, like carpentry or development.

Durability and Reliability:

The N1 Wire Nail Machine is worked to withstand the demands of consistent operation. Its powerful development and high-quality materials guarantee long-haul durability and reliability, limiting free time and upkeep costs.


The machine upholds many wire breadths and nail lengths, making it flexible for different applications. It can deliver nails for development, carpentry, bundling, and different businesses that require nails of various sizes.


The N1 Wire Nail Making Machine offers a cost-compelling answer for nail production. Its energy productivity, high production rate, and long haul reliability add to bring down working costs and further developed benefits for organizations.


All in all, the N1 Nail Machine is a strong and proficient device intended to meet the demanding prerequisites of nail production. With its specialized particulars, like wire breadth, nail length, and production limit, it offers adaptability and versatility for various applications. It’s easy to understand features and solid development pursue it an ideal decision for organizations trying to enhance nail production. Whether it’s for development, carpentry, or different enterprises, the N1 Wire Nail Machine ends up being a significant resource in improving efficiency and satisfying business sector needs.


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