Chequered Header Grinder Machine

We have developed and manufactured the Chequered Header Grinder Machine to ensure the Nail Head achieves a uniform chequered pattern. The Header of the Nail Making Machine applies constant pressure to shape the Nail Head, but over time it becomes worn out, resulting in uneven chequers that eventually fade away.

To address these challenges, we have created the Chequered Header Grinder, a specialized grinding machine. This innovative tool facilitates easier and faster re-facing and uniform re-chequering of the Nail Head.


High Precision Grinding: The Chequered Header Grinder Machine ensures precise and uniform grinding, guaranteeing consistency in every finished product. Its advanced grinding mechanisms minimize variations and errors, resulting in superior-quality output.

Versatile Application: This machine caters to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and more. Whether it’s grinding complex contours, intricate patterns, or critical components, the Chequered Header Grinder Machine excels in handling diverse grinding requirements.

Customizable Configurations: Tailored to meet specific needs, this grinder machine offers customizable configurations. Users can optimize various parameters such as grinding speed, feed rate, and grinding wheel specifications, allowing them to achieve desired results with utmost precision.


Enhanced Productivity: With its advanced automation features and efficient grinding process, this machine accelerates productivity, minimizing downtime and maximizing output. It ensures a seamless workflow, reducing manual efforts and increasing overall efficiency.

Superior Surface Finish: The Chequered Header Grinder Machine’s exceptional grinding capabilities result in a flawless surface finish. It eliminates imperfections, burrs, and irregularities, meeting the highest quality standards of the industry.

Cost Optimization: By reducing rejections, scrap, and the need for additional finishing processes, this machine helps cut down costs associated with grinding operations. It optimizes resource utilization, streamlines production, and increases profitability.

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