Wire Nail Making Machine

Technical Specifications
Wire Diameter S.W.G.(mm)20-15 / (0.9-1.83)
Nail Length Inch (mm)1/4 -1.5 / (6 – 38)
Power Required hp/kw1.5 / 1.11
Approx. nett Weight kgs.460
Approx. gross Weight kgs.625
Case Size(mm)1185 x 1155 x 1125
Approx.Floor Area(mm)1100 x 755

The GN1 Wire Nail Making Machine is a compact and efficient machine designed for the production of wire nails. With its technical specifications, this machine offers reliability and versatility for manufacturers in demand of small-sized nails.

The machine is suitable for working with wire diameters ranging from 20 to 15 SWG (0.9 to 1.83 mm). This range allows for the production of nails with varying thicknesses, catering to a broad range of industry needs. The nail length capacity of the GN1 Wire Nail Making Machine ranges from 1/4 to 1.5 inches (6 to 38 mm), making it ideal for the production of small to medium-sized nails.

With a maximum nail output of 500 nails per minute, the GN1 Wire Nail Making Machine offers high production speed and efficiency. This capability ensures manufacturers can meet demanding production targets while maintaining optimal productivity levels.

The machine requires a power supply of 1.5 horsepower or 1.11 kilowatts to operate. This power consumption provides efficient operation while minimizing energy usage. The approximate net weight of the machine is 460 kilograms, with an approximate gross weight of 625 kilograms. These weight specifications indicate the machine’s sturdy construction and durability.

The GN1 Wire Nail Making Machine is designed to save space in terms of dimensions. The case size measures 1185 x 1155 x 1125 millimetres, while the approximate floor area required for installation is 1100 x 755 millimetres. These compact dimensions make the machine suitable for small factory spaces, optimizing space utilization.

The GN1 Wire Nail Making Machine is a dependable and efficient solution for producing small-sized wire nails. It offers manufacturers a cost-effective option with its wire diameter and nail length capabilities, high production speed, compact design, and lightweight construction. In summary, it’s an ideal choice for small to medium-sized nail production.

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