Coil Nail Making Machine

This Coil Nail Making Machine is automatic welding equipment to weld the nail into a roll. Then, put the coil nails into a nail gun and utilize them for exporting wooden pallets, wooden beds, frames, wooden furniture, wooden houses, and other wooden designs of the connection. Staples rapidly, saving labour and improving efficiency greatly.

A Coil Nail Making Machine is also called a coil nail collator. It is a kind of nail-making gear to make coil nails utilized in a nail gun. Explore our Wire Nail Machine

The coil nail is composed of a specific amount of same shape nails with the same distance, associated with copper-plated steel wire, the interfacing wire is the direction of β angle with respect to the middle line of each nail, then rolled in coil or bulks. Coil nails can save effort and improve productivity greatly.


Automatic nailing into a roll to lessen work power.

The Unwin coil nails collator adopts high-frequency welding machine technology, is stable, and has automatic voltage regulation factors.

For the nails, the wheel holder can hold diverse nail lengths and diameters of nails with strong magnets to avoid the nails dropping from the nail holder.

The coil weapon is a small, compact tool that is easy to use. It also assists in portability. When you have to work in confined spaces, the small size of the tool makes it simpler to operate.

A roofing nailer is a reliable tool for roofing work. It has minimal maintenance requirements, which adds to its durability. When well taken care of, the tool can last several years in great condition. Roofing nailers have a housing made of durable metal such as magnesium or aluminium which adds to the durability.


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