Read about Wire Pointing Machines For Drawing Wire Equipment, Wire Pointing Machines For Drawing Wire Equipment play a vital role in the metal wire equipment industry and find extensive use in the production of mild steel, high carbon steel, aluminium, and copper wires. It employs point rolls made from high carbon alloy steel, which exhibit excellent surface hardness. Wire Pointing Machines For Drawing Wire Equipment, mounted on 4 wheels, makes it portable and advantageous to serve a few drawing machines.


The drawing process begins by moving the end of raw components to a specific width that is small enough to pass through the opening of the drawing die. This process is used for drawing copper, aluminium, iron, and steel wires.

General Features of Wire Pointing Machines for Drawing Wire Equipment:

  • Minimal construction
  • Little layout
  • Smooth and solid transmission
  • Advantageous and secure to work.
  • Low commotion
  • High manufacturing efficiency

Types of Pointing Machines

  • Rotary-type pointing machine
  • Drawing-In pointing machine

Rotary-type Pointing Machine:

A rotary pointing machine, as fundamental hardware of an altered vertical drawing machine, is great for the drawing of huge estimated wires. The pointing, which is moved precisely in 90 levels of a pivot, is not difficult to overcome, bite the dust, and draw.


Driven by the customary engine

Pneumatic pivot

Factory role utilizes specific material for accurate rolling.

Drawing-In pointing machine:

The drawing-in pointing machine serves as a crucial addition to straight, wet-wire drawing machines. It plays a vital role in pointing and drawing the wire prior to the wire drawing process. This machine is powered by a robust motor and employs rolls made of special material to ensure precise rolling. Additionally, we can fabricate a solitary pointing machine as a client’s necessity.

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