Read about Wire Pointing Machines For Drawing Wire Equipment, Wire pointing machine is a fundamental device of the metal wire drawing wire equipment industry and is generally utilized in the manufacturing of gentle steel, high carbon steel, aluminum, and copper wires. Point rolls are created of high carbon composite steel with high surface hardness. The machine, mounted on 4 wheels, makes it portable and advantageous to serve a few drawing machines.


End of raw components ought to be moved to a specific width which is sufficiently little to go through the opening of the drawing die, and afterward drawing process activity begins. It is applied for drawing copper, aluminum, iron, and steel wires.


Minimal construction
Little layout
Smooth and solid transmission
Advantageous and secure to work.
Low commotion
High manufacturing efficiency

Types of Pointing MACHINES

Rotary type pointing machine:

Drawing-In pointing machine:

Rotary type Pointing Machine:

A rotary pointing machine, as fundamental hardware of an altered vertical drawing machine, is great for the drawing of huge estimated wires. The pointing, which is moved precisely in 90 levels of a pivot, is not difficult to overcome, bite the dust, and draw.

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Driven by customary engine

Pneumatic pivot

Factory roll utilizes specific material for accurate rolling.

Drawing-In pointing machine:

Drawing-in pointing machine, an essential extra for straight, wet wire drawing machines, is utilized for pointing and drawing before wire drawing. It is driven by a broad engine and the rolls made of extraordinary material can ensure accurate rolling. Additionally, we can fabricate a solitary pointing machine as a client’s necessities.