All kinds of wire drawing dies have their own characteristics. Among them, the wire drawing die of natural diamond is the most expensive, and it is also very difficult to process. At the same time, because of the anisotropy of the natural diamond, the hardness varies greatly in the radial range, and it is easy to cause severe wear in a certain direction, so the natural diamond die is only suitable for processing the wire with small straight diameter. Although with low hardness of cemented carbide die, high quality of wire drawn by cemented carbide die and low surface roughness, the wear resistance of cemented carbide die is poor, and the service life of die is short.

A wide range of wire drawing dies have their own features. Among them, the wire drawing die of diamond is the most costly, and it is additionally extremely challenging to process.

Simultaneously, due to the theory of the normal dimonds, the hardness changes incredibly in the outspread reach, and it is not difficult to cause extreme wear in a specific way, so the regular dimonds die is just reasonable for handling the wire with little straight measurement. In spite of the fact that with low hardness of established carbide pass on, top notch of wire drawn by solidified carbide kick the bucket and low surface harshness, the wear obstruction of established carbide bite the dust is poor, and the help life of pass on is short.

CVD covering wire drawing die has great resistance because of its diamond execution. The surface harshness of wire drawing is generally low, yet the production system of CV covering wire drawing die is mind boggling, and its handling is troublesome and cost is high. When the covering is worn, the die will wear quickly, which isn’t simply hard to guarantee the handling quality, yet in addition can’t be reused, so it must be rejected.

although the drawing die can be utilized to deal with a wide range of metal and combination materials like steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum, and so forth, the drawing dies of various materials have their own pertinent handling degree. When the drawing passes on of various materials are utilized to deal with a similar wire pole, their wear examples and administration life are very unique.

In this way, wire drawing die the dust providers and their sensible determination of the drawing die materials are the way to guarantee the fruitful application. Drawing die of various materials have moderately sensible handling objects.

The rationality of the drawing process mainly refers to the matching of the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of drawing die and wire rod to obtain the longest service life of die.

The rationality of attracting process basically alludes to the coordinating of the mechanical, physical and synthetic properties of drawing die and wire pole to acquire the longest assistance life of dust.

Functionality of Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine:

Machines are based on modular construction, in combination of blocks, and don’t need any exceptional establishment.

Better usefulness because of higher drawing speeds, free of twist activity and better cooling.

Simple activity and quicker threading.

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High tension Narrow gap, inward water cooling for high productivity cooling of wire.

Much better completion wire quality because of a gentler treatment of the wire during the drawing system. Also optimized wire cooling.

Exceptionally compelling pneumatic slowing mechanism if there should be an occurrence of an emergency crisis.

Better ecological conditions because of expanded dust assurance.

More noteworthy flexibility and lower current utilization because of present day AC drive innovation and effective power transmission system.