Coil nail making machine

A coil nail-making machine is additionally called a coil nail collator, it is a kind of nail-making equipment to make coil nails utilized in nail guns.

The loop nail is made out of a specific amount of same shape nails with the same distance, associated by copper-plated steel wire, the interfacing wire is in a direction of β angle for the middle line of each nail, then moved in coil or bulks. Coil nails can save effort and raise productivity greatly. Explore Wire Nail Machine

Coil Nails are utilized in Nailers. One worker with a pneumatic hammer and a set of rack nails can replace a few groups that utilize conventional hammers and ordinary nails.

Also, this method is the safest for the specialist, since everything is automated; the risk of damage or injury is decreased to a base.

Coil nails are widely used in construction, wooden house-building, wooden box packaging production, wooden bed attaching, euro beds and holders, and wooden structures, where high bonding strength is required.

Coil Nails are divided into three groups: screw shank coil nails, Ring coil nails, smooth shank coil nails.

Coils Nail Manufacturing

A special collator machine that collects nails onto paper cuts is utilized in the production of Paper Strip Nails for rack-type pneumatic nailing hammers. Ring knife nails, screw knife nails, or smooth knife nails are utilized as spaces for the collator machine. The collator machine has a built-in staining and painting system.

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Process of Making Coil Nails

Making wire nails first, after getting wire nails, utilize the thread rolling machine to get various kinds of threaded nails, ring shaped or screw shape and etc, after this, but these nails into the Vibration plate so that they will be feed into the coil nail making machine and be welded into coils.