Wire nails are typically used for rough and heavy-duty woodworking. The process of making these nails begins with a coil of wire being fed into a machine that cuts it into predefined lengths. The wire drawing machine produces wire drawings. It utilizes a portion of the steel wire rod as raw material, allowing for the reduction of its diameter to any desired extent.

Use of Wire Nail Making Machine

The provided Wire Nail Making Machine is used to create and polish wire nails. The provided Wire Nail Making Machine is available in a variety of models and other associated specifications to meet the needs of the clients.

Key Part of Wire Nail Machine

The most important piece of equipment in the nail production process is the Wire Nail Making Machine. If drawn steel wire is already available, only a nail production machine can complete the nail-making job. We can select the appropriate nail machine model based on the different nail sizes that we need to produce.

The first-of-its-kind machine is capable of handling steel wire and metallic mesh for various applications. It is the pioneering machine responsible for processing steel wire and metallic mesh in countless applications.

We use the wire drawing machine to create wire drawings. We take a section of the steel wire rod as our raw material and reduce its diameter as required.

Raw Material for Wire Nail Making

One of the most common types of nails used in construction and carpentry is wire nails. A variety of materials form them, with steel wire being the most common. We cut the wire to the appropriate length and bend it into the desired shape. Next, we create the nail head and sharpen the point.

Manufacturing of Nails

Wire drawing, molding, and polishing are all steps in the nail making process. The initial round steel shape determines the diameter of the coil. Once you mold the bottom and nail the head, the process will be complete. Polishing the coil will result in a finished nail.

You can see the Wire Nail Making Machine in the drawing. Wire drawing, molding, and polishing are all steps in the Nail Making process. The coil’s drawing represents the needed diameter from its initial circular steel shape.

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