Wire Nail Cutting Tools

The service life of nail dies is closely correlated to the productivity and advantages of the nail-making plant since nail gripper dies are a crucial working component of nail-making machines and serve as components. Nails are made using wire-nail-making equipment.

The greatest wire nail-cutting tool in the automation and electrification industries is used by Nail Machine. With the goal of increasing nail production while lowering overall production costs, Super Nail Machine manufactures and provides nail wire nail-cutting tools.

Why use Wire Cutting Tools?

Multipoint tools like milling cutters, taps, hobs, and broaches, among others, are sharpened and restored primarily using tool and cutter grinders. The nails are not shiny and smooth when they are removed from the nail-making machine.

The instrument is used to shape nails. The header exerts pressure on this carbide tool to imprint a pattern on the nail body as well as the nail top. Regarding the steps required for polishing, initially place the nail in the polishing drum, then sprinkle it with sawdust, cover it, and turn on the machine. In general, polishing takes a few hours.

Usage of a Wire Nail Cutting Tool

The ends of the gripper die have already been machined to the correct shape for the nails. These dies keep the wire firmly in place, but when the free end is struck by a mechanical hammer, the wire inside the die cavity is deformed, creating the shape of the nail’s head.

The making machines’ cutting tools inevitably get blunt and need to be re-ground. To grind all the proceeds from cutters, we created a specialized cutter grinder. Sharpening just requires a short period of time.

The nail-making machines’ cutting tools wear out and need to be re-sharpened. For grinding all cutter profiles, we created a unique cutter grinder. After a brief training period, even a semi-skilled worker may simply grind (re-sharpen) the cutting tools using these machines’ specialized jigs and fixtures.


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