Roofing nail-making machine

A roofing nail-making machine is utilized to manufacture roofing nails, it completes the nail making and cap attaching processing on one machine. This roofing nail-making machine produces on the Z94-4c high rate nails-making machine and adds one cap attaching device. Umbrella Cap roofing nail-making machines are designed to manufacture nails with Washers riveted on the heads which are ideal for use in roof fitting operations.

How to make Umbrella cap Roofing Nail

The wire drawing machine draws steel wire to the required diameter. The difference with the usual nail-making is that it wants to add a twist device to make the steel wire spiral, the purpose is to maintain the spiral grip of the wood well. Explore steel nail-making machine.

The next step is to make the roofing nails with roofing nail-making machines. This progression looks easy but it needs a skilled operator to make one shaft and one head, if not, there will be few problems such as there is no head for the shaft or one nail body has two heads.

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Types of Roofing Nails

Flat Shank

The shank of the nail is the piece of the nail that cuts through the material you are nailing. Smooth shank nails have a flat shank. They are the most essential kind of roofing nail and are less expensive than the other two options.

Ring Shank

A ring shank nail is also called an annular roofing nail or fluted roofing nail. As its name proposes, this kind of nail has rings along with the shank. They aren’t associated, as they are with screws. However, these rings give the nail extra staying power, in the shingles and sheathing.

Square Cap

Square cap nails are ordinarily utilized for fastening felt underlayment and not black-top shingles. They have a square-formed head, rather than the more average circular head you see on different nails. Square cap nails might have a smooth or coiled knife.