The N6 Nail Machine is a high-performance modern machine intended for efficiently delivering wire nails. It is generally utilized in construction, carpentry, and assembling businesses to make different sorts and sizes of nails. This machine consolidates precision designing with robust construction, offering reliable and rapid nail production.


Wire Diameter S.W.G.(mm)8-4/ (4.0-6.0)
Nail Length Inch (mm)1.50”- 6” / (38 -150)
Max. Nail/min150
Power Required hp/kW10 / 7.45
Approx. nett Weight kg2500
Approx. gross Weight kg2750
Case Size (mm)2450 x 1500 x 1900
Approx. Floor Area (mm)1350 x 1270


Features and Usage of N6 Nail Machine:

High Precision:

The N6 Nail Machine is intended to guarantee exact and exact nail production. The machine consolidates advanced components and controls to keep up with consistency in nail aspects, bringing about high-quality items.

Robust Construction:

With its strong form and sturdy parts, the machine is designed to endure heavy-duty usage. It is worked to get through thorough assembling conditions, ensuring long haul unwavering quality and decreased support prerequisites.

Easy Operation:

The machine features user-friendly controls and connection points, empowering administrators to get to know its functionalities rapidly. It offers worked-on settings for wire measurement, nail length, and production speed adjustments, guaranteeing simplicity of operation.

Rapid Nail Production:

The N6 Nail Machine’s high production speed of up to 150 nails each moment empowers efficient and rapid assembling. This ability is especially profitable for satisfying enormous scope production needs and decreasing lead times.

Versatile Nail Sizes:

The machine obliges an extensive variety of nail sizes, taking into consideration customization and adaptability. It can deliver nails of different lengths, taking care of various applications like construction, carpentry, and furniture manufacturing.

Efficient Power Consumption:

The machine intends to advance power usage by utilizing 10 horsepower or 7.45 kilowatts to ensure energy efficiency without compromising efficiency. This feature contributes to cost savings and environmentally conscious operation.

Reliable Performance:

The N6 Nail Machine is designed for predictable and trustworthy performance. Its robust plan and precise engineering minimize downtime, upgrading in general efficiency and benefit organizations.


The N6 Wire Nail Making Machine is an innovatively advanced and versatile modern device that changes the nail fabricating process. With its large number of specialized particulars, including wire width taking care of, nail length abilities, high production speed, and efficient power consumption, this machine is an ideal decision for organizations trying to smooth out their nail production operations. Its precision, solidness, and user-friendly features make it an important resource in different ventures, conveying high-quality nails for assorted applications.


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