The N4 Nail Machine is a powerful and proficient machine intended for assembling wire nails of different sizes and lengths. With its advanced features and high creation limit, this machine is great for nail creation in enterprises like development, carpentry, and assembly.


Wire Diameter S.W.G.(mm)10-7/ (2.64-4.8)
Nail Length Inch (mm)1-5 / (25-125)
Max. Nail/min250
Power Required hp/kW5 / 3.72
Approx. nett Weight kg1350
Approx. gross Weight kg1500
Case Size (mm)1315 x 1140 x 1155
Approx. Floor Area (mm)1610 x 1030



High Precision:

The N4 Nail Machine is designed with precision parts and advanced technology, guaranteeing exact and reliable nail creation.

Easy Operation:

The machine features an easy-to-understand interface and natural controls, empowering administrators to set up and work the machine easily.

Automatic Wire Feeding:

The machine is furnished with an automatic wire-feeding system, taking out the requirement for manual wire inclusion. This element upgrades productivity and lessens work necessities.

Nail Length Adjustment:

The N4 Wire Nail Making Machine takes into account easy adjustment of nail lengths, obliging different application needs. This adaptability empowers the creation of nails for different purposes.

Safety Features:

The machine is planned with safety features, including crisis stop buttons and protective guards, guaranteeing the prosperity of administrators and forestalling mishaps.

Usage of N4 Nail Machine:

The N4 Nail Machine finds broad usage in enterprises that require high volumes of nails, like development, carpentry, and assembling. It can deliver nails of various sizes and lengths to meet explicit task necessities. This machine is especially reasonable for makers hoping to smooth out their nail creation process, increment efficiency, and decrease reliance on difficult work.

All in all, the N4 Wire Nail Making Machine is a solid and proficient device for nail creation. With its a great many specialized particulars, advanced features, and easy-to-understand operation, it offers huge benefits to enterprises requiring high-quality nails in enormous amounts. Whether it’s for development tasks, carpentry, or general assembling, this machine ends up being an important resource in improving efficiency and satisfying client needs.


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