Wire Drawing GWP 300

Our Wire Drawing Machines have a Main Body with a base, a drawing drum and a drawing die box of close grain Cast Iron. A Water Cooling arrangement is provided inside the Drawing Drum and the Die Box. Phosphorous bronze gears with high carbon axle steel worms are provided. This machine is suitable for drawing Wires from 8mm or 6mm to 2 mm. It is suitable to draw wires used to make Barbed Wire, Wire Mesh, Nails, etc.

Model : Wire Drawing GWP 300

Technical Specifications
Type OTO Type Wire Drawing Machine
No. of Blocks 4
Block dia 4OOmm
Material to be drawn M.S Wire
Inlet Wire size 1.65mm
Finished Wire Size 0.9mm
Speed 188 mtrs/ Min.
A.R./ draft 25%
Capstan (a) Construction Graded cast iron precision machined drawing
surface Metalized and ground
Die box Adjustable for proper cast and helix.
Gear box Fabricated from mild steel and precision machined
Gear Worm reduction type
Gaurd Provided
Bearing Heavyduty, ball and taperrollerbearin of
standard make
lubrication Splash Lubrication
Production capacity 9OO kgs/ 1 shift 12 hours ( working basis for O.9mm
wire dia at 75 % efficiency
Electrical motor 10/1, 7.5/3, 1440 RPM, Sq. cage introduction type, 3 phase ,
415 volts , 50 H/z., supply electric motor
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