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In the realm of manufacturing, precision isn’t just a goal; it’s the very heartbeat of production. At Gujarat Wire Products, we resonate with this pulse of the industry, and our N3 Nail Machine stands as a testament to this commitment. Engineered for perfection, this robust piece of machinery is not just a component of your production line; it’s the lifeblood of your operations.



Wire Diameter S.W.G.(mm)14-8/ (2.6-4.0)
Nail Length Inch (mm)1-3.5 / (25-85)
Max. Nail/min350
Power Required hp/kW3 / 2.235
Approx. nett Weight kg960
Approx. gross Weight kg1140
Case Size (mm)1315 x 1135 x 1145
Approx. Floor Area (mm)1600 x 1020

Technical Sophistication Meets Operational Excellence

The N3 Nail Machine is a marvel in the domain of nail manufacturing. With a capacity to handle wire diameters ranging from 14-8 SWG (2.6-4.0 mm), this powerhouse offers versatility to accommodate various production requirements. The breadth of nail length it can craft, from 1 to 3.5 inches (25-85 mm), underscores its adaptability, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of clients across industries.

Speed is the currency of today’s industrial production, and the N3 does not disappoint. With the capability to produce up to 350 nails per minute, this machine is not just fast; it’s a streak of lightning, ensuring that your output keeps pace with demand, maintaining a seamless flow in supply.


Designed to Deliver: Power, Precision, and Performance

At the heart of the N3 Nail Machine’s operation is a powerful 3 hp (2.235 kW) motor. This robust engine drives the machine’s capability to deliver consistent results, which translates into reliability in your production chain. But power isn’t the only hallmark of the N3; precision is woven into every facet of its operation. The meticulous design ensures that each nail is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, leaving no room for error.

The machine itself is a model of industrial design, with an approximate net weight of 960 kg and a gross weight of 1140 kg. Its sturdy construction is a promise of durability and longevity, ensuring that it withstands the rigours of industrial use. The compact case size of 1315 x 1135 x 1145 mm and an approximate floor area requirement of 1600 x 1020 mm mean that it doesn’t demand a vast space, making it a suitable addition to factories of various sizes.


A Trustworthy Investment for a Prosperous Future

Investing in the N3 Nail Machine is not merely a purchase; it’s a step towards a more profitable future. It is an asset that keeps on giving – through its high-speed production, impeccable precision, and unyielding reliability. It’s a machine designed not just for today’s challenges but also for tomorrow’s opportunities.

In choosing Gujarat Wire Products’ N3 Nail Machine, you’re not just choosing a piece of machinery. You’re choosing a partnership with a company that prides itself on quality, customer satisfaction, and technological leadership in nail manufacturing.


Join the Ranks of Leaders with Gujarat Wire Products

Imagine a future where your production line is a source of envy in the industry, where downtime is a forgotten word, and efficiency is the new norm. With the N3 Nail Machine, this future is not a mere dream but a tangible reality.

Gujarat Wire Products is not just a manufacturer; we’re pioneers in the industry, leading the way in innovation and service. When you partner with us, you’re aligning with a vision that goes beyond the sale – a vision that encompasses the growth and success of our clients.


Transform Your Production Today

Don’t let the competition define your limits. Breakthrough with the N3 Nail Machine, and redefine what’s possible in your production capabilities. Connect with us today and take the first step towards a future defined by excellence and prosperity. It’s not just a change; it’s an evolution – an evolution that starts with the turn of a machine.

Remember, in the world of manufacturing, the right machine doesn’t just make a difference; it makes all the difference. Choose the N3 Nail Machine, where every nail is a testament to perfection.



In summary, Gujarat Wire Products stands out as a premier N3 nail machine manufacturer due to our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, customization options, and excellent customer support. When you choose Gujarat Wire Products, you’re not just purchasing a machine; you’re investing in a partnership for your success.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the nail manufacturing industry, Gujarat Wire Products has the right N3 nail machine for you. Contact us today and take your production to new heights. Your success is our priority.


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